Who the #$@% is jabbering trout?

Jabbering Trout is a killah live act with memorable original songs.

They began their trajectory in the 90s in Boston, MA. They were a high-energy, two-person, drum and guitar duo. They started out in the thriving local acoustic scene, won Boston’s Acoustic Underground competition, and were off and running, touring clubs and playing festivals nationally.

Trout has played in front of 1000s opening up for acts like Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Buckley (RIP), Ani Difranco — and many more. But their native environment was rock and acoustic clubs across the country where, night after night, they delivered their solid, catchy songs with energy. They became headline acts in cities as disparate as Austin, TX, New York, NY, and of course their home base Boston, MA.

The band put out two albums which were well received and reviewed in newspapers, magazines and fanzines across the country. In the early 00s, Tom moved back to his native New York City where he was signed as a solo act by producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, etc). The resulting album was ultimately picked up by Tomato Records.

Jabbering Trout had many incarnations after the original band broke up. The common theme is solid, catchy songwriting delivered live with energy.

Terrance Reeves

Terrance Reeves is a husband and dog-dad who grew up in Ohio but calls Boston home. He loves helping artists actualize the sounds in their head, thus fits in well with the band. Terrance is currently working as an audio engineer at various locations around Boston (such as Q Division Studios, City Winery, ICA, Atwood’s Tavern, etc.) and plays bass for Jabbering Trout.

You can check out his website here.

Chuck Hargreaves

Chuck Hargreaves graduated from Berkeley School of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering in 2014. While at Berkeley, expanded his vocabulary as a drummer by taking two years of private instruction under Jackie Santos (Tavares, John Cafferty, Chuck Berry). Jackie pressed the importance of always putting “soul, attitude, and character” into every single note you play. This mindset brought on a new respect for playing only what serves the song and the story it tells. Chuck now works at Q Division Studios in Cambridge, MA as an audio engineer where he finds a balance on both sides of the control room glass as a musician and engineer

Tom Burris

Tom Burris is the founder, song-writer, and front-fellow for Jabbering Trout. He came to Boston originally on a Creative Writing Teaching Fellowship to Boston University, but he soon discovered that putting stories into songs was his stronger suit. He started the band in the early 90s with drummer Dylan Callahan. After breaking up the original band, Tom moved back to his native NYC where he was signed to the legendary Tomato Records by the person who discovered and signed Townes Van Zandt to the label years earlier.

Living and working in Brooklyn, eventually, other interests took the front seat and, with a 1 and 3 year old, he moved to Pune, India for a few years. From India he returned with his family to Boston where he is raising his children and working as a software engineer. He never stopped writing songs, but with his amazing partners, he’s back to doing what he loves most: performing music.